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Related article: Date : Tue, 26 May 2009 May 19 33 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 25 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimateImagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart Lolita Sex Stories from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file, so that if forMats or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com Chapter 25 - What to look for us yer shorts WOT on the meeting in the morning the boys were to divide into small groups and departure from the direction of their respective classes !. Tom was in an elevator with her mother and was n have not heard good or Alex Simon captured what was going on to art. Having seen leaving the room he was trying to play, understand it, when he heard his name called. " Tom, come here a minute. " is turned, it was Miss Jameson. Anxiously walked slowly along wonder if this could be another cursed after their lastdifferent weeks clearly the lack of academic performance shine. " Yes Miss " He looked down. "Are you now, I mean, after Friday ? " " Yes Miss, I think so. " " Do you have an idea of ​​what was what caused it? " ". No... I do not know Miss " looked up " Tom, "smiled Miss Jameson: " It ` do not know " do not know , " " Yes Miss "! was pleasantly surprised to discover, is that these social n and not the school. " Um.. Ms... "It seemed a good time to say something, " Thank you for hire Alex mathematics, which have... and, uh, you know... who stay with us at the class and ummm... You... "He was speechless was actually quite touched and cut him off. " But you must continue to be work in the classroom. Do you know ? " " Yes ma'am, we are. Promise. " He was serious. " Well, I'll keep it. Now, as I think about it, I decided that it no room without loss property. " Her face lit up :" Thank you lady! " The idea goes back to the room smelly and unpleasant to the Memorithat took place now wanted nothing but to at all. "What kind are you now? " " English, Miss " come n " The right not to be late and no mess ! And I remember trust is the pair of you let me down. " " Miss " " out of you. " She smiled and walked away. Too bad, all charges were not so simple! This ran Tom. The idea of complaints, he from their parents when it comes in the mathematics class also n a lot to consider. He knew that Mrs. Jameson would not have been nicer and was determined to take full advantage of the opportunity to give their right. I was hoping to be able to catch up with Alex before classes started, but was initiated almost immediately came to the classroom and took his place with him. However, as the English teacher was strict and nonsense Mrs. Woods was only after the lesson was over, that Alex could Lolita Sex Stories begin enthusiastically told him about the fantastic events that hadhappens in the barn the day before the allotments. It is understandable that Tom was absolutely delighted and very jealous that n can not be heard and it was even better, see for yourself! so probably in the rest of the morning, he 'd get Simon, who question of power, he had forgotten some erotic events, the resort Alex! N was also report what had happened if art was finally home. turns out that the boys were not able to work together in the break in the morning for a long time since a fire drill was planned rather than employees, but did not know about students. As students can be the only bright spot was seeing the hole, that the lesson plans After the pause was interrupted by a few minutes when left aimlessly out of Use it to lunch before Tom could learn all this and went only had to wait Now, as soon as they had three children ateTo sit next to in the shadow of the hedge on the edge of the field. They chose a site away from other students and not far from where coverage is line of the field and disappeared into a corner. Tom Lolita Sex Stories sat in half and was obviously desperate to know every detail of what was lost. Of course it was an excuse for Alex and Simon to the experience that s previous events exciting afternoon ! But Tom had not been idle while there was trapped in the house when the dream was over Sunday afternoon end of the plan to trap the teachers underwear thefts, art and Nigel. And, as Simon pointed out that now also includes Martin! to say is missing in the three children were sporting erections ringing as Saga incredible art and business develops. For fun of Tom , and Alex was even more excited and Simon could not keep their hands off pockets, as he told what happened to art, while his parents were out! The part wherecohorts fell to his mother brought laughter. But, true to his promise, he went only as that if caught in the stairs and had his shorts on error demolished when the art is to catch it. " What a day, lucky guy," Tom said thoughtfully, "Cor, I wish I had been there to hear his art lost! " " I wish I had seen! "Alex said, smiling. " I think we deal with this beat, what a day. "Said Simon, " Sounds fun and do not meet the tough Alex? " " No, not as it sounds. " Alex said," Hey... who believe that simply contact with each other as long as he bent over the other knee ? sorry we do not see ". n " does not know, "said Tom, " but I know I have to say about myself Pinch plan of his underwear. " " right. "Said Simon pick up their ears at the slightest mention inside. " And we have joined Martin in it now, because he is ' ' em now! " " You said once! "Tom said with a smile: " Simon, the first work to can be done... ? I guess " Simon screwed his face," Um... It would steal all of his pants n again? " Tom nodded. "Yes Lolita Sex Stories ! Where have you hidden the other? " " right under the mattress far behind me. " " smart bet that is not below it, looking in the distance. Mom I never do ! ", Alex said. " So you have hidden WOT ? "Tom was asked to record it. Alex seemed a bit shy. " It's all my old... Underwear uuumm ummm and elementary school ! I always ' em maintained. " "lucky bastard ! My mom always throws out the old. "Simon was always excited at the mention of underwear again. " WOT you with them? " " Well, I try to see if I still have. "He looked a Tom:" Because you know what I have now and the elastic is not very good... " Tom leaned forward and put his hand on his shoulder :" Hello. I just had to use wot to meet for a day, as it were, get orders, faster than you think. " ", and that did not fit, " Alex said sadly. Time to change the subject. Is not Tom'T understand their own feelings to n times. " So the second batch of art is... they are clean after Simon ? " Tom said, "He wash ' em you said, not" " ! Yer, but it is likely that `em, you know WOT is like masturbating," said Simon, with a smile. " Like you ! Yer, I can not believe it! " Tom said, laughing. "Well, we have to steal... , those who wear them, then you can get a sample of WOT Meyer is. " " Lolita Sex Stories good" Alex said, " please, Dave. " " Well, this is what we do. is dead easy ! "said Tom, " Wednesday the morning for the last two lessons of nature is much more a lesson gym, right? " " Yer. and you are my destiny wood and metal... Got it? "Simon was fascinated :" So... go.. " Tom smiled. " Innit easy?. So on Wednesday I will leave the kind of wood with the words that I will go to the bathroom. It's just around the corner the gym so I'll cut down to the locker room and a pinch of his clothes, " he smiled and added :". in fact, it can squeeze the shorts well ! " " Wot! "Alex saw him open his mouth before he laughed painted art, Nigel Martin and all n without pants. " Why not? "Tom said, chuckling, " were in the first two n dent and in the second year, children from children 's pants, and... no kidding come to ie yer pants gone! Ask Dave. " Alex went to Simon:" But wait a minute. Simon, who is the brother of WOT Meyer, then d ' that do you think ? They are happy if we do it? " " Well, yer, you deserve in order. " Simon thought for a minute", but.. Lolita Sex Stories I do not want him really excited. I mean, it's been too n recently... ummm, WOT with mom and Peterson, and all that... hmmm spose that ' just take your pants ? " " Yer, you're right. "Tom said," At that time, his pants, but we have Nigel Martin Lolita Sex Stories and pants too! " " Hey, " Alex said with enthusiasm: " WOT on... if... " Simon felt it was going bankrupt. " WOT? ? WoT " Alex always tried not to laugh :" You... Beac.. will take all pants of all the shitClass ! " This Tom laughed and soon the three of them were shaken laughter. " Fuckin ' brilliant! "Said Tom always breath," But I need something at 'em in use.. and where we go to ' em hide? " "Shit ! WOT if you get caught... ! are fucking killing us, "said Alex grimaced " Well, then do not have, " Tom said firmly :" One is to ignore this very well, it shows n them great is WOT WOT! " " Ok. "Alex said," I hope you are well! Being the best joke ever, if it works! " " Hey.. Tom! "Simon was the deviant mind at work. " Look, we're spose to leave class supposedly down the toilet at the same time, it could cut down hall and work together.. Because I know what were the pants n and ! " " Yeah! "Tom was impressed. Simon Young was in his heart ! " Hey, but I have something to think about 'em all to contribute and will be in after them for you! "Simon said quickly. Did Simon was the display of the countless joys of proof of the pairs dozen well run and stained panties cum child hopefully ! Alex Tom looked at attention. He winked and smiled Tom. " So, where do you hide 'em all, then? " Said Alex. "You 'll take 'em in the house? " This part of the plan to be decided. Take them home with you ? Why not have n thought that before! Just take the idea of ​​many pair of child wears underwear, was with him for a bed inspection at any moment caused a rock hard erection ! " Lolita Sex Stories Yer, Alex.. I'm ' em is to take home... safe! " " You think you can use them all at once! " Said Tom before broke out of laughter. Simon smiled, nodded and fumbled at the end of his dick, but your pocket. Still laughing, Tom and Alex winked at each other as they both knew that it was going to the dirty beam to Simon And against heaven, where n \\ \\ probably enough to manage to make even dry orgasms unconscious. " Oi! You Wot a lot to do here? " It was Brian. was closer to Jimmy, the two are now inseparable. "Nothing more, just chatting. "Tom replied, " You? " " Well, we have ummm, well, you know, Jimmy! "Said Brian laughing begins:" The ummm... I want... umm... a quiet place " " for a straw! " Jimmy interrupted, shaking hands in his pockets as , but he was serious ! " You are the dirtiest little boy I know, " Alex said Lolita Sex Stories with a smile: " From this No time in the gym, two have been there day and night! " " Hey, do not forget, I did it long before that, " Jimmy said with pride, " hit him hard to get a few months either ! Anyway, I'll bet a lot n too this morning. That's right, Alex? " Alex did not have to respond not only was red " See, "said Jimmy laughed," I knew ! "Voluntary Simon with very little effort, " Yer, so I have in my bed! Tom, WOT? " " YER... on the toilet, but I have no right time to cum like it! " " I, in the bathroom. But I can not finish it yet! "Brian said, sounding is a bit disappointed. " And I'm still sharing my room with my little brother. " " Well, just follow the practice, I am, "said Simon to giggle. clear in recent days that Brian had happened to be a very timid someone who was quick to completely uninhibited. " Damn you, Brian has changed," Alex said, expressing what the other n probably felt, " would not have said that a week ago.. I would have a career mile, when we asked ! " " I know, " Brian said with a smile, " good innit ! And all because many n and Jim. " " Come, " said Tom," Sit down, you can tell us what they were two and to... or rather, where they have up there! " ", and sit opposite, "said Simon," then we can see short yer! " With this invitation, how could they resist. In search of the perfect perspective in all that was on offer to see was not so easy! The new flasher Brian was rather by the enthusiastic view shows his wares and decided to sit with legs crossed, on the contrary offers a vision of white briefs by the gray of his s contrastsHorts. He has also had s still a little secret ! Jimmy had other ideas and, frankly, back in the field, apart from the the legs, knees bent in the air and hands in his pockets. Simon did not notice, but also gave Jimmy a perfect view of his shorts in the wrapped his white cotton balls. Tom looked at Alex and Jimmy head. , Driven to smaller, so that to be able to look to the legs of his gray open short his crutch. " etc... Hey Jim You Wot ?" Alex asked, staring into the darkness, "There is something new that are not white ! " "Do you not ! know! " Tom said excitedly. Writings different profile binding target of their priorities were laughing and put his head until now by the legs, shorts Jimmy, as he could. " small butterflies have a bleeding or something for them !" Said Tom drowned. "They're for girls? " " Fuck you ! " Jimmy said with a smile: " No, are for young children and is not fuckin ' bu !tterflies small cars or something! I told you before my mother still buying 'em for me to go to local children ` Woollie because it saves them in the city! " " Well, "said Simon, " My mother buys Woollie but it takes me to the nice guy pants. Would you tell ! " ", you say, damn it! "Said Jimmy, still laughing," I said again last week n when you bought it ! They do not realize the problem! It is because are for young children with little Willie, it becomes hard, so are too narrow for me. She thinks that just because ' I am small, what they do! " " Well, I think the butterflies are very nice! " Alex said with a smile, " Hey... WOT tells Jim, if you really want, I'll let you have pair of underpants from my old elementary school, it was hoped, would fit. " looked at Jimmy," We were talking, and I 'm too big for ' em now. " " Wow! Some real... I move to take advantage of the room! "n " I Bring ' Em In morning, "said Alex, " in cooperationndition only Check out the butterfly shape of these now! " " You're not fuckin ' butterflies! " " Well, I guess fucking butterflies! "Tom said. " could be something Dick! " Simon added hopefully. With this and a lot of Jimmy Joy, Alex began to slide immediately hand leg of the pants. Tom winked not drop Alex y began put your hand then the other leg. was not that the two begin to sets of fingers rubbing the fabric taut. " Dammit Jim are tight ! How do you get out to pee ! " " With difficulty! The elastic cut almost it, "said Jimmy. He squirmed with the obvious joy that is the subject of exploration Alex finger. was inevitable that sooner or later, both hands would like to hear a No begun to explore. the temperature rose inside and outside the is the shorts ! Tom was the first worm their way into the hard cock tight elastic Jimmy at your fingertips. "Ohh ! That's good, " Jimmy said :" There, if you move two n both little more, then I can get a hand and shorts! I think it's time for me to know that what you wear. " No need for more Tom and Alex offers two potential shuffled closer page Jimmy him, a hand of each child slide shorts Lolita Sex Stories " And I know as well. "Echo Simon. " damn you ! " Alex answered, his hand was happy Jimmy caught between the buttocks and soil. Oddly enough, was not in the direction of his line " Now Jim, I can tell WOT, still feel, "said Tom expect. " because you must stay on the ball until you get it right ! "n " is like being in the dark ! said: " Alex. Simon, which was exactly his gaze back to Brian, now his left hand tucked into his pocket and had changed his position to n Simon to give an even better on the pant leg. "Hey Brian," said the s Simon enthusiastically: "Shit ! Is that your fingers do I see? " with all of them and saw the new design of the UNBrian is inhibited is now looking a little embarrassed. " Ssshhhh " he whispered, " do not tell circulatory school ! This is me Short -old and I made a hole in the bag yesterday afternoon while I was a little No brother in front of the TV! " " You dirty bastard! Sun WOT you can masturbate ? "Alex said, smiling. " You're worse n I" " Hey," said Tom, "and turn right for a minute and allows you to look then. " Brian turned around to see what they could until the leg of his pants. before the Dark Matter and stabbed his pale fingers were kneading the obvious junction in white briefs. It looked very attractive, so I thought that all What a great idea. ! Definitely a project for your old shorts Simon began to ask, " Did you, uh..... " but the issue was quickly front for Jimmy. "I bet you would like to know how you've actually masturbated in school yet? " "No!" Brian looked embarrassed again. "I kind of played with him in and out of... and now the day is not going to go," laughed Tom: " You silland the lawn! " " We have story after dinner, " Jimmy said with enthusiasm :" I You sit by himself and masturbate yer pocket ! " "No! "Brian was in a panic. " Someone comes to see! " " Yer, you'll love ! " Do not stop now Jimmy, " However, if you do you will be damned yerself well there, you do not want ! " Unfortunately, neither Tom, Alex, Simon was still in the same class to observe. Simon all expressed their feelings: " Like, dass.. Jim is lucky enough to see the son of a bitch! " " Right there ! "Tom said. " Then, " continued Simon sounded very optimistic," if I have a hole in my old if someone shorts a straw ? " " We take turns bitch! " Alex said laughing. " And we are not aware, you idiot! "Said Tom. " Hey, Jim, is better than straw me unconscious! " Brian said, sounding concerns. N " For the love of Brian fucks, stop worrying, "said Jimmy, " It's just a little fun! " ", and Jim, "a little naive Brian continued," because I can not end with things, you know.. It's chaotic, it is not! " " How will you bs chaotic, if you can not use the stuff! "Said Simon laugh n " It's ` cause you do not, the things we can maintain all day masturbating innit ? "Said Jimmy," I wonder how many times you can do if spray a little. " Alex bravely, though a little embarrassed, offered the answer to Jimmy question. " Well, I've done it three times in one day. But there is much to the last... that what you want to know? " " Yer, thank you. But damn it, Alex, all of that! Only three ? "Said Jimmy, " Shit, I've done it every time now ! " " Wot! "Tom was surprised, " Damn ! And I thought it would damage my cock through do it three or four! " " The most I've done is five, and was a bit hurt! But enough of that, Brian must tell us what is the history lesson! Yes? "N, committed Simon, " Yes, "said Jimmy for two:" Absolutely. " " Well, now... "Alex said," I still know what it takes... Simon in the pants ? " " Woollie usual white blood ! White always Woollies! "He said, squinting his face. She hoped that one day s exciting thing to say. " What about you Brian? There is a hole in yer pants and ? " " Cor, it's a thought! "Brian rolled his eyes:"Oh, do not know what it... are just blank! " Simon was in his tent shorts, went to Brian and knelt behind him:" Well, if you do not know, I'll take a look at the label! " " Mmmmm, yes! ! WOT fun. " Simon began, the white shirt tail tip pull Brian shorts It was not long before he laughed : " You've got yer shirt yer pants tucked in ! That's wot do young children ! " " Fuck you ! " Brian said with a smile, " I like it, hiding it in " " Does that mean to piss stains on them, then, if that is hidden inside? " asked Tom wanted to lateral thinking. Be your strength. " and the runners, " said Alex.. " Ah... Is the child a drag mark again! We know all about you ! "Said Tom laughter. " Fuck you ! " Alex answered his tongueout. Knowing that Tom realized his interest in those things ! At this point, Simon the black belt Brian grabbed her and pushed her panties soft fabric pull on Brian cracks almost crushed his balls "Shit WoT 're doing! "Brian said surprised," not bloody rip have ' em... oh... are all twisted balls... oh shit called cock... oh shit! "ignored Simon protests, and became the elastic inside to the outside. read n label and proudly announced : "You are old and boring San Miguel! " "Who is San Miguel de facto bleed? " Jimmy asked, " Why he is with children n underwear? him a kind of dirty old man ? "n " It's stupid fellow, it is bloody, and the model sparks ' em do it! "said Alex laugh. " Hey Simon," said Tom, "do no harm balls Brian because he is to have straw later in the history of the class! " " Oh, yes Bri Wait, I'll aa resolve and Lolita Sex Stories get back in yer shirt ! "fill This Simon the back of the voluminous whiteT -shirt in his underpants back of Brian. However, he stretched the rubber band now instead waistband of her underwear hanging on the back of his shorts. It was the other children and winked, as if they suppress their giggles. " So what have you been Alex ?" Asked Jimmy, no underwear Alex problems. "Usual bloody done things that do not lie ! " Alex said, dejected. "I I think these are old San Miguel, and Tom received a call from Alex, I knew it was more annoying as a sensitive little worn over your underwear. \\ \\ N " Well, let me give you a guess... I'm WOT " " I think not. "Alex said, relieved that the time had passed. " Is your father is very large and bloody fronts and I can not 'em with yer do T -shirt! " " Wot! You can see them ? "Said Tom in surprise. " Wot! yer " remembered exactly what he was wearing. " had to find.. "Alex was on Tom 's back, where the white shirt tight on his back the light blue lines and Y family - as opposed to lettersclearly visible through the shirt. ", but... " Jimmy said looking around to see "that are big damn Tom, the elastic almost to yer tits! Are yer father? " This children is reduced to laughter, and Simon was quick to say : "Come, are to be Tom 's take a look!" is Tom hesitate to stand up and first thought he looked \\ \\ n ashamed. " WOT is it? " Alex whispered, not feeling that something was wrong. Tom shook his head and stood up. "Pull yer shirt and we'll see proof ? " Said Brian. " Cor, damn it... Look at that! " Jimmy was fascinated : Jimmy was right about the federal government about six inches above the top of your shorts and was clearly visible through the " You must be yer Parent n Look for the federal government is in yer belly !" white shirt. " Uuuumm... " Tom was now a feeling that Alex felt every day. Why was that an element of control such exercise clothes and be able to balance their sexual feelings before feelings of euphoria to despair. ' Mama I bought' em and that is the right size... "That spray do not laugh a. looked down quickly, he hoped he was not as ridiculous as he was now. He did. " You say they will soon become... " he said plaintively. " In about ten years, damn you! " Said Alex, laughing, "Come on, do not be stupid shit, everybody's happy. Comes in and between us, I have a idea! gather around, hurry Simon. " This is what they became friends. He came over and was quite confused what Alex had in mind. Alex and Simon were sitting around one leg and Brian Jimmy sat on the other. Alex casually looked around to see if anyone around the pitch observed n. "right, wait on each hand up the leg of his pants... to let it excited! " I certainly felt very exciting. Tom was left with two different hands in each leg just below the bottom of his shorts. I could not describe sense, but whatever it was his cock was hard ahead rock n. "right," Alex said with a smile and definitionsTely fun. " Very slowly Do you work your hands under his shirt. Stop when you reach the top of their n shorts! " Four small hot hands began their journey to the top. They were their own way, and Tom had no idea who was on hand or do something ! by of the law of averages, that ended more or less to work with both hands around and the other two back to grope her forehead. The young company hip and hot crack is obviously proving to be a great attraction to one of hand in secret, or is it both? He winced when someone is feeling now his underwear and bad, of course, in the direction of her ass ! saw I thought I would be Simon, but then remembered that Jimmy was addicted tramp, and finally Alex, who had recently admitted s that now is! n Brian appeared on the other side to what was causing the fixed front of the bulge pants. Flashy Tom, he gestured with his free obvious that he likes to pull zip, Tom smiled and nodded. that Brian and liked the feeling that somehow he had, as he had lost forever as shy as well as what would be the difference now anyway! And, of course, would be an opportunity for Tom to explore a bit the inside of Brian 's clothes at a later time ! N Alex was the issuance of further orders. " Well, here's the hard part! Get yer finger to find out her ass and Put yer hands on the outside of the pants, but still under his shirt and work yer up yer fingers up to the alliance, " " WOT? "said Simon. "heard ", said Alex. "So when we got everything, we will consider the elastic to where it belongs. " " Why? " Said Jimmy. " Everyone can feel the grass fool! " Alex said with a laugh : " I ​​do not think n go to work ! It's just a silly excuse for him in the dark ! " " treasures to be shot in the pants? "Brian asked hopefully. " I hope you fucking way ! " Tom said, laughing : "Now get to work... is what how are you feeling hot, I love it ! " "rightthen... "Alex said," your hands back in place and under the T -shirt. Go! " with four hands, all twisted on the inside of the waistband, more like Tom, was under considerable pressure from within. Alex saw his troops and re-evaluate their hands in their position. , laughing, said: " Get ready. If I were 'go' we're all on the train elastic together. Ready... "Following Chapter 26 of
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